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Guided Fly Fishing Adventures in God's Wild Kingdom

Few experiences tickle our senses as greatly as time spent immersed in God's handiwork in the world around us!

Picture yourself wading in the cool water and witnessing a spectacular afternoon Mayfly hatch or being enveloped in the blanket of an evening spinner fall, an unforgettable yet  common experience on the Delaware River.

You are alert to the silent and subtle rise of feeding trout when you hear the cry of a majestic Bald Eagle in its flight overhead, or the swift plummet of an Osprey upon an unwary fish, or the frolic of Otter and Mink in their natural habitat.

Visualize stripping a streamer beneath a flooded bank and seeing the water explode as you connect with a monster Brown trout.

Or spotting a solitary, rising fish and casting your fly just... so!, is it not a gift from God to both see and feel the fish rise to the fly, uniting its energy with your own?


Moments such as these abound on the East Branch, West Branch and Main Stem of the Delaware River System.

In Psalm 19, David relates that the evidence of God just pours out of His creation and urges us to use all our senses to know Him. Even in today's busy world, wild places remind us that our eyes, ears, smell and touch are gifts from God which allow us to seek and know His excellent greatness.

As a New York, Pennsylvania and Upper Delaware National Park Service licensed guide, I can lead you on a Fly Fishing Adventure through this magnificent piece of creation. Our trips are conducted via a well equipped drift boat, or combination drift and wade or strictly wade depending on preference and water levels.

Come and enjoy this great wild fishery - The Delaware River System - in search of trophy Wild Brown and Rainbow Trout.  Where fish of 20" and larger are not uncommon and the average running in the 14" - 16" range.

Fly Fishing Guide Service On The Upper Delaware River: East Branch, West Branch, Main Stem and beyond.
Take advantage of the summertime Smallmouth Bass fishing as an alternative or in addition to Trout!  Bass on light spin tackle or on the Fly!  Water conditions are in great shape.  Book your trip now!

About the region

The Upper Delaware River and its watershed encompasses some of the finest wild trout water, diverse bug hatches, and Smallmouth Bass habitat in the Eastern United States just scant hours from North Jersey, New York City, Philadelphia or Boston. Whether you are a seasoned fly fisherman or a novice, you owe it to yourself to experience what many have called America's classic fly fishery.  Come and enjoy a real fly fishing adventure, fishing for trophy wild trout where fish average 14" - 16" and fish 20" and larger are not uncommon. 

As a Delaware river fly fishing guide licensed and permitted by New York, Pennsylvania and the Upper Delaware River National Park Service, Wayne Aldridge can lead you on a guided catch & release fly fishing adventure in search of wild  brown and rainbow trout on the East Branch, the West Branch or the Main Stem of the Upper Delaware River. Our guide service offers fly fishing and spey casting instruction, float trips, float and wade trips or just strictly wade trips depending on preference, location or water flows.

Fly Fishing the West Branch of the Delaware River near Deposit, NY is a cinch as we are based right on the river, having instant access to some of the best wild trout fishing around.  Because the Upper Delaware River is a bottom release tailwater, the West Branch is a favorite among many seeking big wild brown trout due to its close proximity to the reservoir providing cold water all season long.  This cold water results in excellent hatches as well as good healthy habitat for the trout.

In the spring, early summer and fall, the East Branch and the Main stem of the Upper Delaware River provide approximately 60 miles of float-able wild rainbow and wild brown trout habitat producing excellent bug hatches and giant fish to go with it and can be described as classic big water dry fly fishing rivers.

Come see for yourself the wonders of this magnificent area and indulge in the some of the best guided Fly Fishing in the East .... Fly fish the Delaware!!!
Fly Fishing Guide Service Upper Delaware | West Branch East Branch Main Stem
Wayne Aldridge is an Orvis Endorsed Fly Fishing Guide, Licensed in NY, PA and Permitted by the Upper Delaware River National Park Service. Wayne's guide service provides float and wade fly fishing trips on the West Branch, East Branch and Main Stem of the Upper Delaware River in the Deposit, NY; Hancock, NY and East Branch NY Area as well as the Catskill area streams to include the Beaverkill, Willowemoc and Neversink river . Fly fishing for trophy wild brown and rainbow trout as well as smallmouth bass using both single hand and two handed rods.  Fly fishing and spey casting instruction offered.